Ushna Shah is Doubtful About Dr Maha Shah’s Suicide

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Last week, social media influencer Dr. Maha Shah was found dead in her Defense Phase IV house. The police were quick to label it a suicide. However, some folks thought that there might have been a little foul play behind her death. Pakistani actress Ushna Shah thinks the same.

Ushna Shah’s speculation

Ushna called upon the Sindh police to thoroughly look into the case and get to the bottom of the cause of death. Ushna took to her Instagram to express her sorrow for the doctor by posting a picture of her wrote in the caption that she has doubts about the true cause of her death.

According to the police,  Maha’s death occurred by her own hand. However,  Ushna pointed out that the gunshot wounds that the doctor suffered can’t have been self-inflicted. She said:

Gunshot wounds to the back of one’s head can not be self-inflicted.

According to early reports, it was stated that the doctor took her own life in a bungalow in DHA phase 4. After the initial investigation,  the police said that Maha locked herself in her bathroom and shot herself with a 9mm pistol. The gun was immediately seized by the police as evidence.

The autopsy report is released

The autopsy report of the alleged suicide was released which stated that the gun used by Maha was shot from a very close range and had more bullets in it. The bullets and the shell were sent to forensics as police continue the investigation. However,  the family of Maha has refused to take any legal action so far.

According to the statement released by the police,  prior to her death, Maha Shah had an argument with her family and had shifted to another house fifteen days ago. The report further stated that she was unmarried and belongs to Mirpurkhas, and was buried in the same place at a local cemetery.

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