This Pakistani Instagram Star Looks Exactly Like Mahira Khan [Pictures]


According to old folktales, we’ve heard that for every face there are six lookalikes for every person on earth. But the odds of running into one – are next to none. Recently many Pakistani celebrities have found their doppelganger online because their fans are constantly looking for things related to them. First, Mehwish Hayat, then Iqra Aziz, and now Mahira Khan.

Coincidentally, the doppelgangers of previous celebrities were not in Pakistan but Mahira’s new twin lives amongst us. Kurash Anwer is an Instagram lifestyle blogger, with an unbelievable resemblance to our Superstar. 

After seeing her photos, it becomes obvious that she doesn’t try to mimic or imitate Mahira, yet the uncanny resemblance has puzzled Mahira’s fans all over the world.

The blogger has over 15k followers on Instagram. She always gives us a glimpse of our Bin Roye star in every photo she uploads, and she receives hundreds of comments that confuse her for Mahira.

OMG you look like Mahira Khan… For a second I got confused!

With her stunning looks and charm, we might just see her out somewhere and ask for a picture!

Do you see it too? Let us know in the comment section below!

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