Pakistani Celebrities Say No to Proposed YouTube Ban!


On Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, the Supreme Court of Pakistan hinted at banning YouTube in Pakistan due to some ‘questionable content’ uploaded there.

Midst the hearing, Justice Qazi Amin remarked.

We are not against freedom of expression and masses have the right to discuss our performance and decisions as we take salaries from public money but constitution also provides us the right of personal life but users of social media and YouTube are targeting our families. Masses are being provoked against country’s army, government and judiciary.

He also inquired if Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had taken note of the content present on YouTube and whether they had taken any strict actions against the people who had put up videos to mock the judges.

The court proposed a ban on YouTube and sent notices to the Attorney-General of Pakistan and the Foreign Ministry regarding this matter.

Pakistani celebrities respond

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform out there, giving a place for content creators to share her creative ideas with the world. It is the source of income for so many talented people in the country, mainly the youth.

To support other artists, our A-list celebrities have spoken out regarding the possible ban on YouTube!

Famous YouTubers like Irfan Junejo have also posted videos sharing their opinion about this biased and uncalled-for decision.

Back in 2008, YouTube was banned in Pakistan for a few years, and the youth of Pakistan paid a big price for it. After years of struggle Pakistani content creators are finally gaining international recognition for the high-quality content they put up. This ban will soon destroy years of hard work and struggle when it is finally starting to pay off.

The honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan needs to put all this under consideration as it will impact Pakistan’s economy and take a big toll on the youth’s mental health and economic prospects.

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  1. This is absolutely wrong, no matter how the government tries to justify it. All the economic and sociql issues aside, I seriously cant risk losing the only string holding my sanity too!