LGS Teachers Fired for Sexually Abusing Young Students

Lahore Grammar School

Lahore Grammar School has come under fire for employing sexual predators for as many as 4 years, and not doing anything about them despite numerous complaints by the female students.

Lahore Grammar School gets exposed

Recently, the A1A branch of the LGS (Lahore Grammar School), which comprises of only girl students, has come into disrepute. As many as four teachers at LGS have been suspended following allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against them by multiple female students.

These students claimed that the accused parties had been harassing them for years with impunity.

Having been a part of the LGS fraternity, it comes as no shock to a former student that these vile men have been getting away with their behavior for so long. LGS, in its essence, has become home for many such predators. The school, while catering to girls, has a deeply-embedded misogynistic attitude and culture at its core.

The true face of LGS A1A has now been exposed by various first-hand accounts by current and former students. The internet is outraged at how deep the malaise at LGS goes. Many people are now calling for the expulsion of the criminals at the school.

It seems like things have worked out. After a lot of complaints going public online, LGS decdied to do some damage control. It has terminated the contract of the accused parties.

The Culprits

However, this isn’t good enough. There needs to be a better process in place to deal with harassment, rather than acting only when the institute’s ‘reputation’ is at stake.

Every time a girl complained, the admin staff alleged that it kept their students’ best interests at heart. The truth is this was a delaying tactic used by LGS to disassociate itself with the alleged harassers, in order to save the institute’s name from further being dragged through the mud.

Here are some of the accounts of what happened:




Some of the people who contributed to LGS’ culture of harassment and fear include:

Omair Rana

Omair Rana, a famous actor, was hired by the LGS for the annual play. A number of girls came forward with the claim that he allegedly made inappropriate jokes and flirtatious remarks towards them. All these remarks were taken with a pinch of salt at the start.

However, Omair started sending explicit texts to the students and behaving in a way that was extremely inappropriate. The administration failed to take any action against him and discarded any complaints that were sent their way.

This was not done very subtly. As it turns out, the admin officer at LGS and wife of Omair Rana, Maira, has been ignoring tales of sexual misconduct at the campus for years. Students have claimed that she covered up the terrible situation by victim-blaming, using cheap tactics, such as scolding girls over their “revealing clothes”, rather than hold the culprits accountable.


It is alleged that Maira did everything to make sure the buck did not stop at her doorsteps:


Omair Rana and wife Maira Omair Rana
Two photos of Omair Rana and wife Maira Omair Rana

Let’s take a look at the other three teachers who behaved in a similar fashion:


Zahid Iqbal Warraich

Sir Zahid taught Chemistry to O/A Level students and pounced at any opportunity to make his students feel uncomfortable. This was done by subtly touching their knees; staring at their chest and sitting very close with his students all during his class. A lot of students witnessed him touching his crotch repeatedly while talking to girls.


Umer Shareef

Sir Umar was a senior teacher at the A1A branch. Regardless of a countless number of complaints brought to the principal’s office, each was dismissed as being the student’s “own” problem.

This attitude from the administration prevailed until recently when people started to voice their horrifying stories online.



3. Aitezaz Rehman Sheikh

Aitezaz was the 30-year-old politics instructor who also served as the MUN debating coach. His role involved him traveling across the globe with students.

Numerous girls came forward and said that he crossed the line of professionalism and abused his authority status by getting involved with female students.


Social media is a powerful tool, and it almost always reveals the truth about what went on behind closed doors. A lot of famous celebrities have also come forth to condemn this behavior and have claimed LGS as an institute that enables harassers.

Osman Khalid Butt, known for never shying away from using his platform to bring light to grave issues, took this opportunity to show solidarity with the students and rebuked the administration’s behavior towards this situation.

Model Eman Suleman also used her social media platform to speak up about the horrifying situation, empowering more girls to come forward with their stories.


While the admin has immediately fired most of the accused parties, it should be noted that this is a decision that came 4 years too late.

Nevertheless, this is a rare victory for female students everywhere. The next time a faculty member decides to harass a student, this will make them think ten times.

Have you faced any similar incidents of sexual abuse at your place of learning? Let us know in the comments below.

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