Jalan Gets Un-Banned By Sindh High Court

Jalan banned

In a recent ban spree, PEMRA and PTA have gone from placing bans on video games to dating sites to drama serials. Its recent victims were two superhit dramas, which had successfully aired on their parent channels. The dramas included Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay. Another drama Jalan was also warned.

After receiving complaints via Citizen’s Portal, PEMRA banned both the dramas from airing any of its reruns.

Another drama, which is yet to complete, Jalan has also been banned by PEMRA due to complaints. The reason behind PEMRA’s ban was due to failure in compliance with the local laws. PEMRA further added that the drama was against the moral and ethical codes of our society.

The cast of Jalan consists of A-listers such as Minal Khan, Emmad Irfani, Areeba Habib, and Fahad Shaikh. It had been airing since 17th June 2020. Even though the show has been studded with so many stars, it still managed to spark controversy and outrage due to its poorly written script.

Complaints have been pouring in via the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal, PEMRA social media accounts and PEMRA call centers. The reason for this outrage has mainly been the plotline of the drama, which revolves around an extramarital affair between a man and his sister-in-law.

The statement issued by PEMRA has clearly outlined the reason for the said blame.

Viewers are registering their complaints in this regard on the citizens portal and to Pemra via the authority’s social media accounts and its call centre.

The statement also entails the ARY Digital had been warned multiple times by PEMRA to moderate its content. However, due to failure on their end, PEMRA came to the decision to ban the drama.

As there was no improvement in the script of the dramas by the channels, a final instruction was given to the channels on August 18 to produce the content of the dramas in accordance with the values ​​of Pakistan.

Furthermore, PEMRA has also issued warnings to the stakeholders. It has given strict orders to review the content of their drama serial and assess whether it is in accordance with Section 27 of the PEMRA Ordinance, the telecast or retelecast of any show that promotes pornographic, obscene, vulgar, or offensive content will be banned.

Jalan’s ban by PEMRA revoked and removed!

Banned after airing only 13 episodes on Thursday, 10th September, Jalan was removed from television. However,  in new updates on the case, the ban has been revoked!

Jalan is banned no more. This decision came about when the CEO of ARY Digital appealed to the Sindh High Court (SHC) to review its decision.

After this, SHC looked into the case and came to the conclusion that PEMRA’s job is to regulate content in accordance to the law, not ban it.

Let’s see how the public reacts to SCH overturning the ban on the hugely controversial drama serial Jalan!

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