Iffat Omar and Sonya Hussyn Discuss Whether Gowns are Part of Our Attire [Video]


Over the course of the past few years, the Pakistani film and television industry has been on a rise. There have been a number of noteworthy films and drama serials that have gained recognition nationally and internationally, and with this significant development, there has also been the recent introduction of award shows hosted by the leading networks in the industry.

Award shows have now become one of the most anticipated events in the country now. Not only for the prestige and recognition of local talent but also owing to the style and glamour of the celebrities who grace the red carpet. However, recently, there has been a slight backlash over what attire should be deemed suitable for these events.

Pakistani showbiz stars share their thoughts

In a recent interview, actresses Iffat Omar and Sonya Hussyn talked about how actresses should choose traditional clothing over Western attire for award shows or any such public events.

In conversation with Sonya, Iffat spoke of how gowns and dresses were not “part of our attire”.

She adds that there were very few women who knew how to appropriately carry such clothing. When asked why this attire was preferred, Sonya stated that she would not have any problems wearing traditional clothing, but it was her stylist who chose her clothing for her.

Both Iffat Omar and Sonya mentioned how they were not against wearing gowns or similar clothing. 

Their conversation called for Pakistani actresses to explore traditional clothing as an option for such events.

Sonya further emphasized that these dresses were “out of trend” and actresses should try to shift their style.

You can watch the full clip here:

Do you believe that Iffat Omar and Sonya Hussyn’s debate is something that Pakistani fashionistas and showbiz industry needs to take notice of? Should we adapt ourselves to global cultural norms, or adopt something that works for Pakistan? Share your thoughts below.

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