FAST University Expels Students for Making Offensive Memes

FAST university lahore

These cruel and devastating times of a global pandemic is bringing the worst out of people and even schools and universities. It has recently come to light that FAST University Lahore has expelled students for making memes about the university and posting it online in a private group on Facebook.

The university’s administration, known for its unreasonably strict disciplinary policies, sent a notice to the students demanding an apology for posting ‘defamatory memes’ online. They also directed the students to post an apology on their Facebook timelines.

Failure to comply with the orders will render the respondent liable for either cancellation of the degree; or blacklisting; or reporting to authorities for trial under cyberbullying and harassment laws; or all of the mentioned punishments

They threatened students, stating that their actions will be reported as cyberbullying and harassment under the Cyber Crime Laws. Some observers state that they themselves were bullying students into submission over a few harmless memes.

However, some students alleged that the memes shared were of a very derogatory nature.

Moreover, not just students, but other graduates also faced the wrath of the FAST university administration.

A student from FAST says that they are standing their ground and responding to the notice.

Shameful. Nobody can control what we post on our social media. How is posting memes on facebook related to our grades?…

Posted by Shah Murad on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Do you think that FAST University Lahore was right in its actions? Or was their response too heavy-handed? Just how far can freedom of expression extend when it comes to insulting and derogatory memes that have been allegedly shared by the expelled students?

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