Esra Bilgic Tries Pakistani Food for the First Time [Video]

Esra Bilgic

Soon after the show, Ertugrul Ghazi debuted in Pakistan, Esra Bilgic became one of the most beloved personalities in the country. She played the role of the selfless queen Halime Sultan and won over the hearts of her Pakistani fans.

The sudden fame she received in Pakistan made a difference to her star power. Her Instagram followers went to millions, and she received incredible international recognition.

Recently, Esra was made the brand ambassador for several brands in Pakistan, including leading brands like Qmobile and Jazz. Even though some local celebrities were unhappy about it, the show must go on. Because it’s was pretty evident that this was what the public wanted.

It’s no secret that Esra Bilgic is very popular among the masses, and people can’t get enough of her and want to see her more. In such times making her, the brand ambassador would be an excellent strategy market local brands.

Esra Bilgic and food?

For her campaign with Jazz, Esra Bilgic tried famous Pakistani dishes like Pulao, Chicken Karahi, Gol Gappay, Daal Chawal, Jalebi, and Biryani to find her no. 1 dish. Can you guess which one was her favorite?

Do you want to see the video of her trying out our local foods? Well then, scroll down!

What is your no. 1 Pakistani dish? Like Esra Bilgic, is it also biryani? If so, which one (here come the aaloo vs no aaloo in biryani debate again). Tell us in the comments section below.

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