Did You Know Esra Bilgic is Learning Urdu for Pakistan? [Video]

Esra Bilgic urdu Pakistan

The Turkish sensation, Esra Bilgic, found her fame through the fantasy adventure show Drilis: Ertugrul. She plays the poignant role of Halima Sultan in the show.

Ever since the TV series aired in Pakistan with an Urdu-dubbed version, fans were quick to fall head over heels for the actress.

Esra Bilgic’s fame in Pakistan!

Esra’s fan following increased by ten folds following the premier of Ertugrul Ghazi, the Urdu dubbed version of Dirlis: Ertugrul, which aired on PTV. Not just that, Esra has shown interest in visiting Pakistan and meet her fans.

She has been seen brushing up on her Urdu speaking skills in the latest video which went viral. Could she be planning to visit us soon? Possibly!

Esra Bilgic speaking Urdu!

In the following video, Esra is trying to speak some very basic Urdu phrases. The video is an advertisement for Jazz, as the Turkish actress is a brand ambassador of theirs.

The viral video shows her trying to pronounce Urdu phrases, as well as translate them to English and Turkish.

Esra initially caught the eye of Hello Pakistan, a magazine, which wanted to interview her and do a photoshoot. Following this, a lot of brands started approaching her.

As a result, today, she is the face of big Pakistani brands, such as the cricket team Peshawar Zalmi, the mobile manufacturers Q Mobile, a clothing line Khaadi.

Ertugrul has managed to steal the attention of everybody, making its way into every household and becoming a common topic of discussion. Furthermore, even the PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan vouched for it and asked people to watch it.

Pakistani fans have never been shy to show their approval or disapproval. If you go to Esra’s Instagram, you will see that the majority of comments under her pictures are by Pakistanis!

We cannot wait for Esra to visit us soon, and taste more of our food! What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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