Celebrities Turn Protest for Rape and Trans Community into a Shameless PR Event!

Celebrities protest PR
Masks down for photo ops.

The country has been in a state of total chaos ever since Wednesday night when a woman was raped during her stop on the motorway. This horrendous event took place when the woman, along with her 3 children, was traveling via Lahore-Sialkot motorway to Gujranwala.

Due to a shortage of fuel in the car, she parked along the roadside and called for help. When motorway police refused to help her because she did not fall within their jurisdiction, she called her relatives and they told her to stay put while they made their way to her.

However, at 2 a.m, she was intercepted by 2 suspicious men who broke the windows of the car and forced the woman into a nearby field. There, they tortured and raped her in front of her children.

The news that shook the nation

When this news broke, it ignited a fire across the entire nation and resulted in a whirlpool of outrage. It should be noted that during the same time, a transgender woman was victimized by honor killing and an 8-year-old was raped and murdered. This collective wound to the spirit of womanhood triggered and motivated girls across the nation to take to the streets.

Protests broke out

Within 24 hours, a series of protests broke out to address all of these issues and express outrage. Most of these protests were led by the famous movement Aurat March and under its slogan, ”mera jism, meri marzi”.

Photo by Jaweria Waseem (@theselfassumedartist)
Photo by Jaweria Waseem (@theselfassumedartist)
Photo by Jaweria Waseem (@theselfassumedartist)

Angry and grieving protestors filled the streets holding up signs and chanting slogans, asking authorities to hold the culprits accountable. The aim of these protests was to give a voice to women and people from marginalized communities who face harassment and worse.

Photo by Jaweria Waseem (@theselfassumedartist)


Photo by Jaweria Waseem (@theselfassumedartist)
Photo by Jaweria Waseem (@theselfassumedartist)

Amidst this revolutionary movement, something extremely distasteful took place.

The celebrities crash a protest!

A couple of Pakistani celebrities, decided to make a pit stop at the march held at Karachi Press Club in solidarity with its trans community. However, eyewitnesses say that it seemed like some entitled elites showed up in their big cars and demanded all the protestors to be removed because they had apparently “taken up a lot of time already and it was their turn”.

A truckload of these stars paraded into the crowd with their cameras and PR managers. They asked the management to clear up the roads and empty the barricade, where a crowd of trans people was protesting.  As the paparazzi started to set up their cameras, these self-proclaimed allies and champions for the rights of the oppressed took to the pedestal to spew out speeches devoid of any meaning in the favor of the victims, with the self-centered motivation to make points in the eye of the public.

Feminism and allyship; a performative art!

So, let’s get down to the bottom of it. These protests were supposed to unify and empower the victims to come forward and share their pain. Instead, these celebrities, took up all the space and didn’t allow the actual protestors to protest with them.

Are these celebrities blind to their privilege? That seems almost impossible because we can see them actively exercise this power throughout this disgusting stunt.

Warning: You might want to get a barf bucket before viewing the following videos.

We are fortunate enough to have people like Mohammad Moiz, also known for his alter ego Shumaila Bhatti, who was there to record this hypocritical behavior and call out this opportunistic tokenism.


Strong words said by Moiz in a tweet.

He further went on to expose these malicious celebrities by documenting videos where the likes of “feminists” such as Frieha Altaf, Mahira Khan, Sarwat Gillani, and Ayesha Omar are stood in front of cameras.

They brought out the big guns!

Not just that, Yasir Hussain, known for making jokes about the trans community and pedophilia, and Adnan Siddique, can be seen hogging the attention away from the actual victims for some petty clicks and cheap publicity.

Were they unaware? Highly unlikely. Is it that they simply did not care? Very much possible.

Mohammad Moiz, a very famous internet personality, made a very articulate thread to explain the situation.

Sarwat Gillani – a self-proclaimed feminist?

The most shocking blow came from Sarwat Gilani, who was considered as a new feminist on the block. Sarwat posted a video on her Instagram giggling from inside the car where she is sitting next to Frieha Altaf and holding a ridiculous sign. Even if you put the giant spelling aside, does Sarwat think that getting “rapped” is the only identity a rape victim holds?

Furthermore, the video reeks of ignorance and privilege as these stars celebrate setting up a separate protest for themselves and priding themselves over being “pro at protest”. Our question is why? Was the one currently being held not good enough for them? Would standing next to the victims and listening to their stories not have made good pictures for their Instagram? Was it absolutely impossible for these clowns to not be the center of attention for a while?

Churails is proof that feminism and allyship is just a performative art for these stars to garner more views and get in the good graces of the public. On the inside, these people and their classist mindsets are what plagues our society and give birth to the very problems being protested.

The public clapped back!

For so long, people in power have gotten away with committing heinous crimes. They have successfully blinded their fans with their virtuous and innocent demeanor while doing the opposite behind closed doors. However,  thanks to the internet and our younger generation, this time around, the celebrities had to answer.

Social media has this tenacious power of bringing the truth to light. Let’s take a look at what the public is saying!

Some Twitteratis even gave examples of international stars at protests so that our celebrities could learn a thing or two.

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