Ayeza Khan Has Made Some Bizarre Decisions! [Pictures]

ayeza khan

Ayeza Khan has been working in the showbiz industry for over a decade now. When she stepped into the acting world, she had peaked everyone’s interests but soon after, due to poorly scripted projects, Ayeza quickly merged with the background.

ayeza khan

She later married her fellow actor, Danish Taimoor. The duo stars together in the drama Meherposh currently being aired on Geo TV.

ayeza khan

Ayeza Khan’s career finally takes off!

Her career soared to new heights following her superhit drama called Mere Paas Tum Ho, which aired in 2019. This drama serial showed us a new side to Ayeza Khan, who was previously only seen playing two-dimensional innocent characters. After the release of Mere Paas Tum Ho, not only did it compel all the well-acclaimed producers and directors to cast her in their next projects, but she also started getting modeling offers from big brands. In the span of a year, Ayeza’s face started to appear everywhere.

ayeza khan

Ayeza had always been a very pretty and graceful lady, so once she showed her acting talents, it drove everyone crazy! She has a big fan following consisting of both Pakistani and international audiences.

Previously, Ayeza was criticized for not having a good taste in clothes but this brand new Ayeza Khan that we are seeing now has a great dressing sense. From colors to design, Ayeza is pretty selective about what to wear and where to wear. She loves to share pictures of her outfits with her fans through her Instagram.

Ayeza Khan is not the sharpest tool in the shed!

There is no denying the fact that Ayeza Khan makes a gorgeous model. However, over the years, she has created a blonde girl’s image for herself by endorsing false narratives and projecting fake standards for what ‘normal’ is and should be like. This has lead to some career-threatening decisions she has made in the past which cannot be rationally explained. From glamourizing a deadly pandemic to endorsing skin bleaching creams that reinforce colorism in our society, Ayeza Khan has done it all.

Let’s look at some instances when Ayeza was extremely tone-deaf to the situation! 

Endorsing a beauty cream

Capitalizing on face masks during a pandemic

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With essential N95 and medical masks in short supply for medical workers, you should not be purchasing these types of masks (and if you have any that are unused, consider donating to a local hospital). As the medical workers, dealing with the patients need those masks more than us sitting at home or wanting to go to the grocery stores. Because of the panic people have stocked up on surgical mask creating a short supply for the medical workers who really need them. Due to this, the fashion industry stepped up to use their expertise into producing these masks. So around the world people are encourage to make their own cloth mask since the surgical masks are either too expensive or unavailable. In my recent posts, me and my team were trying to encourage my followers to not only make their own DIY mask but be creative with it. So my mask can have jewel or embroidery, it doesn’t matter as long as it serve the purpose and i am comfortable wearing it. So people should be little more open minded and act educated on the internet rather than trying to find the bad in every good. Stay safe.

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Turning An Opportunity of Wearing a Hazmat Suit Into a Photoshoot

Thanking Fans Only Because of An Ad Campaign

Becoming Fatima Jinnah On August 14, 2020


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