Aisha Khan’s Daughter is Super Adorable [Pictures]

aisha khan with her baby and husband

Aisha Khan is among the long list of gorgeous leading ladies in Pakistani showbiz.

She started acting in the early 2000s and dominated the industry with her debut drama “Tum Yahi Kehna”. The embodiment of beauty with elegance, Aisha quit acting a few years ago and stepped away from the cameras to spend more time with her family. A few months ago we got to know about Aisha Khan’s daughter too.

Thanks to the frequent updates on her Instagram account, we still get to see glimpses of her beautiful life with her husband and daughter.

Aisha and Major Uqbah’s wedding

The news of Aisha’s marriage to her fiancé, Major Uqbah made headlines in 2018. They tied the knot in a big and beautiful wedding ceremony that was studded with stars and paparazzi. The happy couple disappeared from the public’s eye shortly after to start a family.

Today, Aisha is the mother of beautiful baby Mahnoor, who will be turning seven months old soon. While we are all too thrilled to see our favorite heart-throb have a mini version of herself, we completely adore and respect Aisha’s wish to keep her baby’s face as far from the media’s eye as possible.

However, from the few photos, Aisha posted of herself and her husband with the baby, we can totally tell how the new parents are head over heels in love with their beautiful daughter.


Aisha Khan’s daughter is a handful

Recently, Aisha took to Instagram to share some beautiful and hilarious pictures with her family. She opened up in the caption about how hard it is to get that one perfect shot without their baby throwing a tantrum!

Also, it’s hard not to love Aisha’s attempts to include Mahnoor in the pictures, all whilst doing her best to keep her face hidden with the use of emojis!

We have seen Aisha play very versatile roles, and now, in her private life, we get to see her transform from a camera-ready model to a loving and devoted mother! We have a feeling that Aisha Khan’s daughter will take after her mommy when she grows up.

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