Aiman and Minal Look Beautiful in Latest Shoot for their Brand! [Pictures]

aiman and minal

After the Hocane Sisters took over our showbiz industry, the Khan Twins followed in their footsteps and earned a name for themselves. Aiman and Minal Khan are not just actresses, but also social media influencers, with over six million followers.

The two stepped into the showbiz world in 2011.

Aiman Khan’s iconic wedding!

One of the reasons for the twin’s success was also attributed to Aiman’s marriage to fellow actor Mineeb Butt earlier in their career. The wedding was a star-studded affair and pictures of it made rounds on the internet.

Soon afterward, an entire trend was started based upon how eerily the twins look like each other. It was done in all good fun and helped Aiman and Minal get an even bigger audience.

Later last year, Aiman gave birth to a beautiful blue-eyed baby girl named Amal. She had stolen our hearts from the moment we first saw her and Aiman often shares beautiful pictures of the family on her Instagram.

Aiman and Minal’s career takes off! 

Aiman Khan’s fan following only seems to get bigger and bigger. Her account surpassed Mahira Khan’s Instagram follower count and became the most followed Pakistani page, having a total of 5.9 million followers.

The gorgeous actress is seldom seen in dramas in the past year. Aiman has dedicated most of her time to her family and has taken over her Instagram as a full-time job. She receives hundreds of PR packages and collaborates with a lot of brands.

Meanwhile, Minal is busy doing dramas. If you switch on your TV right now, there is a strong chance that you will catch a glimpse of Minal on one of the drama channels.

After the excruciating climb to the top, Minal Khan stars in some of the biggest dramas to be airing today, including Nand and Jalan. She stars opposite A-Listers, such as Emaad Irfani and Aijaz Aslam. All the big directors have their eyes on her for their next projects. Not just that, she is also very respected among her colleagues.

The twins collaborate!

The two started a brand of their own called Aiman Minal Closet. Their store has a range of eastern and western clothes for a variety of occasions, from casual wear to formal couture. They recently did a photoshoot to promote AnM and the pictures are finally here!

aiman and minal

aiman and minal

aiman and minal

aiman and minal

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