Here’s How Our Pakistani Female TikTok Stars Look Like as Men

Pakistani female TikTok stars

TikTok has taken the world by storm. Even Pakistanis are not immune to its charms. We just love how creative people continue to get in 15-second videos. Heck, some of our Pakistani female TikTok stars are even getting film and drama offers!

During these traumatic times, people are looking for different ways to keep themselves distracted and entertained. They have managed to find joy in 15 seconds TikTok videos of people lip syncing to popular songs and dancing. Moreover, the very talented TikTokers of Pakistan are going beyond expectations by engaging in relevant conversations and promoting issues that need to be talked about.

With their huge number of followers and the constant love they receive from their fans, these Tiktokers are now famous household names.

Just like other celebrities, their fans are contributing to social media trends on behalf of them. Nowadays, the  gender swap is making a comeback. So, of course, people are using (and abusing) it front and center.

The Genderswap trend spread like wildfire ever since Snapchat introduced it last year. Basically, this filter morphs your face into one belonging to the opposite gender. Suffice to say, it really is giving hilarious as well as shockingly real results.

Here’s a list of some amusing and hysterical gender swaps done by fans of your favorite female TikTok celebrities. Fans just wanted to see them as men, and the results are….. let’s see for ourselves.

Romaisa Khan

Kanwal Aftab

Minahil Malik

Aiman Zaman

Areeka Haq

Sehar Hayat



Reeja Jeelani

Alishba Anjum

Janice Tessa

Did your favorite Pakistani female TikTok stars make it to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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